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Children's infection and immunity: an update

Next meeting - Wednesday the 8th November 2017

Venue - New Education Centre, Peacock Hall, RVI.

Aims and Objectives: This day aims to provide an update on the presentation and management of common infectious diseases focusing on diagnostic and management dilemmas. The objective is to increase awareness of infectious diseases in the community and recognise opportunities to reduce avoidable harms. This day will be useful for primary care, paediatricians and trainees.

Teaching Methods: Lectures, presentations, detailed hand-outs, question and answer sessions and optional case discussion.

Download the booking form in a word document format. Closing date for receipt of booking forms is 1st November.

0845 — 0915 Registration and coffee.

0915 — 0950 Varicella zoster virus; ‘a pox upon you’. Dr Emma Lim, Consultant General/infectious Diseases Paediatrician, Great North Children’s Hospital.

0950 — 1030 Travelling Wilbury’s: infection and globalisation. Dr Stephen Owens, Consultant Immunology/Infectious Diseases, Great North Children’s Hospital.

1030 — 1045 Coffee break.

1045 — 1120 Herpes simplex virus - prevention, recurrence and management. Dr Marieke Emonts, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Paediatric Infectious Diseases Paediatrician, Great North Children’s Hospital/ICH.

1120 — 1215 Paediatric outpatient antibiotic therapy services, treating patients closer to home. Dr Sanjay Patel, Consultant Paediatric Infectious Diseases, Southampton General Hospital.

1215 — 1245 Lunch.

1245 — 1330 Sepsis – what’s genetics got to do with it? Unravelling new diagnostic tools. Dr Jethro Herberg, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric infectious Diseases, St Mary’s Hospital and Imperial College, London.

CPD activity sought

The study days are conducted on a monthly basis by the School of Paediatrics. This is an excellent provision for both established healthcare professionals, trainees and Associated Medical Professionals.

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