Angel of the North




Wednesday 13 March 2019.

Venue - New Education Centre, Clinical Resource Centre, Peacock Hall, Royal Victoria Infirmary

Aims and Objectives: This event is directed at frontline medical professionals, especially general practitioners and trainee paediatricians. It aims to refresh knowledge around a wide range of common presentations, both minor and potentially perilous. Topics include the recognition and management of sleep apnoea, dealing with acute and non-acute breathlessness, haematuria and delayed walking. In addition the conference will offer important teaching on new issues which threaten child health and safety.

Teaching Methods: Material will be delivered in a series of short sharp session framed by two longer sessions. Hand-outs, open discussions post talks and Q&As will form part of the session.

0900 – 0930 Registration and coffee

0930 - 1010 The breathless child assessment and action. Dr Chris Richards, Consultant Paediatrician, GNCH.

1010 – 1040 Sleep apnoea…. recognition and implications for front line professionals. Dr Chris O’Brien, Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician and Anne-Marie Ebdon, Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician, GNCH.

1040 – 1100 Coffee break

1100 – 1130 My child can’t walk… do I worry? Dr Helen Aspey, Consultant Paediatrician, GNCH.

1130 – 1200 Haematuria a practical guide to ascertainment and management. Dr Yincent Tse, Consultant Nephrologist, GNCH.

1200 – 1245 Lunch

1245 - 1330 Safe guarding… County lines, the new challenge. TBC.

CPD activity are sought for all CHER and GP3 days.

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